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    Efficient Legal Representation To Face Criminal Charges

    At Bellingham Criminal Defense Lawyer, our legal team is experienced and equipped to assist criminal defendants and personal injury victims protect their rights and receive compensation for their suffering. If you are facing criminal charges or have received injury as the result of criminal activity, our Burlington criminal defense attorneys are ready to help.

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    Burlington Criminal Defense Lawyers

    Aggressive Legal Defense For Criminal Cases Near Burlington

    Right from your initial consultation with our Burlington criminal defense lawyers, you will experience a welcoming environment dedicated to representing your rights. We know what it takes to defeat a DUI or other criminal charge to achieve an optimal outcome for your case without life altering consequences. Contact Bellingham Criminal Defense Lawyer to get started.

    Criminal Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges Near Burlington
    Domestic Violence Charges

    If you are facing charges of domestic violence, or you have experienced injury from domestic violence, contact our domestic violence attorneys in Burlington for a free consultation.

    Criminal Defense Against Drug Crime Charges Near Burlington
    Drug Crime Charges

    Drug crimes are taken very seriously in Washington, so don’t hesitate to call our drug crime defense attorneys in Burlington if you are facing charges.

    Criminal Defense Against Sex Crimes And Child Abuse Charges Near Burlington
    Sex Crimes & Child Abuse Charges

    Bellingham Criminal Defense Lawyer is prepared to represent the rights of anyone facing child abuse charges or dealing with personal injury from a sex crime.

    Criminal Defense Against DUI Charges
    DUI Charges

    If you have been charged with drunk driving or received a DUI, you need an experienced Burlington DUI attorney to fight for an optimal outcome in your case.

    Criminal Defense Against Assault Charges
    Assault Charges

    Our Burlington assault lawyers at Bellingham Criminal Defense Lawyer will provide the counseling and resources you need to make the right decision for moving forward.

    Criminal Defense Against Theft And Trespassing Charges
    Theft & Trespassing Charges

    Contact Bellingham Criminal Defense Lawyer right away when you have received notification of your theft and trespassing charges. We will begin working to build a strong defense for your rights.

    Criminal Defense For Personal Injury Cases Near Burlington
    Personal Injury Cases

    If you or a loved one has been injured, you need the knowledge and representation of a Burlington personal injury lawyer who will fight for optimal compensation for your recovery.

    Criminal Defense Against Misdemeanors And Non-Serious Felonies Near Burlington
    Misdemeanors & Non-Serious Felonies

    Misdemeanor charges can bring immediate and long-term consequences, so don’t hesitate to call Bellingham Criminal Defense Lawyer for expert guidance and representation in your case.

    Criminal Defense Against Other Violent Crimes Near Burlington
    Other Violent Crimes

    Violent crimes can change your life in a heartbeat, so get in touch with our Burlington criminal defense law firm to schedule a consult and discuss your experience.

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    Frequently Asked Questions icon Legal Questions About Criminal Offenses

    In Washington, criminal law includes provisions for violent crimes such as assault, battery, robbery, sexual assault, homicides, and more. There are many newer laws that include penalties for identity theft, computer crimes, and other forms of modern fraud. Your criminal defense lawyer will be able to provide insight about where your specific charges fall under the law!
    No, not necessarily. In Washington, you can be charged with either a felony or a misdemeanor. Felonies can be punishable by time spent in the state prison, but misdemeanors are less serious. The maximum punishment for a misdemeanor is less than a year in the county jail. With a reputable lawyer, you have the best chance at receiving the minimum sentence for your charges.
    Washington is known for giving the most severe DUI penalties in the country. A DUI conviction in Washington is typically charged as a gross misdemeanor, with a maximum penalty of 364 days in jail and $5000 in fines. You need a reputable lawyer to ensure minimal consequences if you are unable to turn over your DUI charges.

    Unfortunately, no. While you can respectfully decline to answer any questions or decline to actually take the field sobriety test, you do not have the legal right to have an attorney present before taking the field sobriety test. You will not have the right to legal counsel until you are formally placed under arrest.

    There are several different crimes falling under the domestic violence category in Washington. These crimes include assault, rape, crimianl trespsassing, malicious mischief, violation of protective orders, and more. If any of these crimes are committed against another individual, they become a domestic violence crime, especially if the victim and offender are in a specific domestic relationship.
    In Washington, there are actually no crimes defined as sexual assault by the law. Rather, crimes are classified as sexual offense. These include rape, indecent liberties, child molestation, sexual misconduct, and more. These actions are considered crimes when committed against a non-consenting victim, or a victim not capable of giving consent.
    Generally speaking, a crime becomes federal when it violates United States federal legal codes, or when the individual carries the criminal activity over multiple states, sucha sa commercial fraud or drug trafficking. Federal crimes are prosecuted by assistant US Attorneys and investigated by federal officers. State crimes are investigated by county sheriffs or state agents, and prosecuted by city attorneys.
    Yes, you can absolutely be charged with a criminal offense without actually being arrested by law enforcement. It is even possible to be charged with a crime without even speaking to a police officer. If you are facing allegations of criminal activity, find a reliable criminal defense attorney right away to discuss your case and how to move forward.

    Skilled Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Attorneys Near You

    Comprehensive Legal Counseling To Face Criminal Offense Charges

    If you have received notification of criminal charges and need legal defense, or if you are the victim of personal injury and need legal guidance seeking compensation, Bellingham Criminal Defense Lawyer is an excellent resource. We provide the highest quality legal representation you will find and fight aggressively for an optimal outcome in your case.

    Licensed Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Attorneys near Burlington

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