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    Lynden's Leading Criminal Defense Law Firm
    Over 15 years of experience of criminal defense practiceOver 15 years of experience of criminal defense practice
    Licensed in 2002

    Lynden’s Leading Criminal Defense Law Firm

    Efficient Legal Representation To Face Criminal Charges

    All of us at Bellingham Criminal Defense Lawyer are ready to assist criminal defendants and personal injury victims get the best representation that they deserve. Have you been injured in a car accident or been charged with a crime? If you live in the Lynden area, contact us today so that we can start diligently defending your rights.

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    Lynden Criminal Defense Lawyers

    Aggressive Legal Defense For Criminal Cases Near Lynden

    We have experienced criminal defense lawyers who are thoroughly familiar with Washington law and will create the best strategy for any charge that comes your way. It is our goal to get you the best possible outcome and are ready to take every case to trial. Are you being charged with traffic or driving related offenses? Don’t wait any longer, contact us today.

    Criminal Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges
    Domestic Violence Charges

    You want to have an experienced lawyer by your side if you have been charged with domestic violence. Contact us at Bellingham Criminal Defense Lawyer for a consultation.

    Criminal Defense Against Drug Crime Charges
    Drug Crime Charges

    Washington takes a very hard line on drugs and you need someone who is thoroughly knowledgeable about criminal defense against these drug charges.

    Criminal Defense Against Sex Crimes And Child Abuse Charges
    Sex Crimes & Child Abuse Charges

    If you find that you are being charged with a sex crime, you need to contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. We will give you the best defense possible.

    Criminal Defense Against DUI Charges
    DUI Charges

    You need to have a strong defense for a DUI charge. Our highly qualified lawyers will defend you in court.

    Criminal Defense Against Assault Charges
    Assault Charges

    Should you find that you are being charged with assault, you want to get the best representation possible. Contact us at Bellingham Criminal Defense Lawyer.

    Criminal Defense Against Theft And Trespassing Charges
    Theft & Trespassing Charges

    These are very serious charges. Our determined lawyers will craft the best defensive strategy for you.

    Criminal Defense For Personal Injury Cases
    Personal Injury Cases

    If you find yourself involved in a personal injury case, we are a reputable law firm with qualified lawyers that will work for you.

    Criminal Defense Against Misdemeanors And Non-Serious Felonies
    Misdemeanors & Non-Serious Felonies

    The knowledgeable lawyers at Bellingham Criminal Defense Lawyer will be ready to create the best strategy for you. Reach out to us for a consultation.

    Criminal Defense Against Other Violent Crimes
    Other Violent Crimes

    We are ready to give you the best representation if you are charged with any of these. Our lawyers will give you excellent legal strategies.

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    Legal Questions About Criminal Offenses

    There are a wide variety of charges that you could face in Washington State – including assault and battery, robbery, sexual assault, DUI, and murder. You will need the best defense possible on any of these charges. They range from misdemeanors and felonies, where the penalties get more severe the more serious the crime. Contact us at Bellingham Criminal Defense Lawyer today.
    No. In short, Washington State splits things into felony and misdemeanor crimes. The consequences for felonies can include spending time in the state prison. Misdemeanors usually wind up with a lighter sentence in the county jail. We will gladly defend you on any charges and create the best strategy for you.
    You face the possibility of serving 364 days in county jail and also paying $5,000 in fines. That is because Washington State views this as a gross misdemeanor. There is usually no first-offense leniency here. Our lawyers will give you the best defense possible for these charges.
    No, but you could refuse to take the sobriety test – it is voluntary. If you do that, though, you need to be ready for the prosecution to say that you turned down the test because you knew you were guilty. You cannot have them wait for a DUI attorney to come onto the scene before the test is administered, though.
    In Washington State, it is both causing physical damage to a person or causing them to fear physical harm. It is a very serious crime and it is taken as such by the law. Have you been accused of this? Reach out to us to have a free consultation and explanation of your case. We will provide you with the best criminal defense.
    Sexual assault means rape. This charge is broken down into three degrees: First, Second, and Third. All three are traumatic to the victim, but it defines things like kidnapping or renders them incapable of fighting back. There are also Indecent Liberties. The harshest penalty is life in prison. We will vigorously defend you against these charges.
    If you are charged with a state crime, it involves federal officers like the FBI and a US District Attorney will prosecute you. On the State level, you will be investigated by local law enforcement. The lawyers at Bellingham Criminal Defense have experience in both areas of the law and will give you a strong defense.
    Yes, you can be. A warrant may not even be executed if they strongly believe that you were the one who committed a felony. If that is the case, you need to get legal representation … quickly. Contact us so that we can have a highly-qualified lawyer guide you through everything in your defense.

    Five-Star Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Attorneys Near You

    Comprehensive Legal Counseling To Face Criminal Offense Charges

    You want the best criminal defense attorneys in your corner. Bellingham Criminal Defense Lawyer is a highly-rated criminal defense firm that is ready to help Lynden residents. Contact us today to get our highly qualified lawyers setting up your legal strategy for your defense. We get consistently high reviews on sites like Yelp! and Google Maps.

    Five-Star Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Attorneys Near You

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